Anti Water Retention BOOST


  • Anti Water Retention BOOST
  • Anti Water Retention BOOST
  • Anti Water Retention BOOST

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Are You Gaining Weight (and worse) Because of Bloating?

The primary ingredient in this BOOST, CACTI-NEA, contains the all natural extract of the prickly pear cactus fruit. It's proven to eliminate excess water (and the associated weight gain) in a safe and effective way. Unlike other anti-bloat supplements, CACTI-NEA doesn't reduce critical electrolyte or mineral levels in the body (which can negatively influence energy, feelings and mood). In addition, it preserves vitamin C and E levels and provides antioxidant benefits.  CACTI-NEA doesn't raise blood pressure, an issue with certain other anti-bloat products.
    • 2 gram single serving BOOST
    • Only $1.25 per BOOST
    • Take one BOOST daily for optimal results
    • 30 day supply
    • Single ingredient BOOST- contains only what your body wants and needs
    • This dosage was determined most effective in clinical trials

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