Daily Workout BOOST.


  • Daily Workout BOOST.
  • Daily Workout BOOST.

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Make the MOST of your workouts.

M-A-X O-U-T your training program!

This innovative performance BOOST helps you take your exercise program to the ULTIMATE level by:

  • Supplying energy
  • Increasing endurance
  • Enhancing focus
  • Improving strength
  • Speeding post-exercise recovery.

Why waste the time you spend at the gym?

The four ingredients in this BOOST have been carefully blended to help you optimize your training and workout time.

  • Maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate with a high glycemic index that’s easily used by the body. It provides quick and sustained energy to get you through your workouts — even long, intense ones. It also supplies muscles with post-workout energy to help speed recovery.
  • Electrolytes form electrically charged particles (ions) in body fluids. They transmit energy that controls many critical body functions. Optimal physical performance requires a consistent supply of electrolytes, which can be disrupted during workouts. It’s critical for athletes to take supplements that replenish them.
  • Multivitamins play an important role in energy production, cardiovascular performance, joint and bone health and more. They support post exercise muscle development and repair. Exercise increases the body's need for vitamins at the same time it depletes them, which makes taking the right vitamins a key component of an effective exercise regimen.
  • Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are made up of three amino acids that help convert other amino acids into energy while exercising. They also make up almost 35 percent of all muscle tissue. BCAAs must be ingested through food or supplements to maintain optimal supplies because the body cannot produce them.

Learn about the science and research behind ThinkitDrinkit's Daily Workout BOOST.

 Try Ultimate Athletic BOOST from ThinkitDrinkit:

  • 4 gram single serving BOOST
  • Only $1.18 per BOOST
  • Take one BOOST daily for optimal results
  • 30 day supply
  • Expect an increase in energy starting approximately 15 minutes after taking the BOOST. Additional benefits provided by it will continue for hours.
  • Flavorless
  • Easy to add to the food and hot or cold drinks you enjoy.

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